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  • Group of columns after 1967 restoration of 1915 Palace of Fine Arts

  • Strybing Arboretum Golden Gate Park O&C

  • Ingrid from Vienna with Pupsi on Marina Green

  • Spiraea Japonica Strybing Aroboretum

  • Monkey Puzzle Tree (Chile) Araucaria imbricata Golden Gate Park Arboretum

  • High bluff above O'Shaunessy Drive from Sussex and Elk near Glen Park playground

  • Chinese Meadow Rue Thalicrum dipterocarpum Golden Gate Park Arboretum

  • Strybing Arboretum Torch lily Golden Gate Park

  • Golden Gate Park. Rhododendron.

  • Looking up Jones St. from California St. at noon. - Grace Cathedral at right San Francisco