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  • Q8= 2 C

  • Q8= View north from Desert view point Grand Canyon of the Colorado

  • R-13= From Yaki Pt.- Afternoon. Woton's Throne and Vishnu Temple again dominate. Cushman

  • R-8= Looking across Grand Canyon from Yaqui Point Cushman

  • R-6= From Yavapai Point View is across to Wotan's throne and Vishnu Temple.

  • R-5.= West from Yavapai Pt. C.W. Cushman

  • R-2= From Yavapai Pt.- Looking down on junction of Pipe Creek Canyon with Granite Gorge.

  • Q-20= From Hopi Pt. across Canyon to Shiva Temple. Isis Temple at right. After morning snow storm. Grand Canyon Cushman

  • Q-18= From South Rim Past Maricopa Pt. toward Isis Temple. Afternoon Cushman

  • Q-17= Looking northeastw'd from Grandview at noon. Grand Canyon Cushman