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  • KIAVAH Mtns. in NE Kern county seen from Calif. Hwy 178 through Walker Pass.

  • Kiavah Mtns. seen from Hwy Calif. 178 through Walker Pass NE Kern county.

  • along Calif. Hwy 178 east of Walker Pass. N-E Kern county.

  • Joshua trees along Calif 178 on edge of Mojave Desert in NE Kern county.

  • Along Walker Pass. Hwy Calif 178 in NE Kern county on edge of Mojave Desert.

  • Looking east from Mt. Whitney road above Lone Pine, Calif. past one of Alabama Hills toward Inyo Mtns.

  • From Mt. Whitney road view is NE across Owens Valley toward distant Inyo Mtns. California.

  • Owens Valley and Owens Lake in distance. From Mt. Whitney road. Inyo co. - California.

  • Owens valley and Owens Dry Lake at right seen from Mt. Whitney road. Inyo co. - California.

  • From Mt. Whitney road looking across Owens Valley toward Inyo mtns.