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  • Furnace Creek Inn from south late afternoon Death Valley

  • Funeral Mtns. north of Furnace Creek Inn Death Valley

  • Funeral Mtns. east of Furnace Creek ranch. Death Valley

  • View SE toward Black Mtns. from Sand dune junction across salt flat in late afternoon Death Valley

  • Devil's cornfield and Grapevine mtns. near Stovepipe Wells Death Valley

  • Death Valley sand dunes and Grapevine Mtns Cushman EK

  • Death Valley's sand dunes and Grapevine Mtns. from near Stovepipe Wells

  • Death Valley - NE from Hwy 190 near Stovepipe Wells toward Grapevine Mtns.

  • Telescope Peak from west

  • Dirt road woutheast into Slate Mtns seen from Emigrant pass