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  • Reflections looking up Du Page River Arb.W.

  • Du Page River Reflections Arb.W.

  • Little Oak Quercus Robur Arb. W. [near L. Marmo]

  • Barberry and Spruce on Thorn Hill. Arb.W.

  • Pyrus Calleryana Tomentella beside Valley Rd. Arb. E.

  • Siberian Elm and Pearl Bush - Valley Rd. Arb.E.

  • Tall linden along Du Page river Arboretum E

  • Evonymus and Spruce Arb. E. Ev. Atropurpurea

  • Larch and Evonymus Larix lavicina, Evonymus atropurpurea Bush at right is Ilex Verticillata. Arb.E.

  • River Birch  Morton Arboretum (E) Cushman