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  • Another archway in ruins of Espada Mission near San Antonio

  • Sunset behind the Davis Mtns. - a few miles north of Fort Davis, Texas.

  • San Antonio river from Commerce St. bridge

  • Bold front of Pulliam Peak from Green Gulch Big Bend Nat'l Park

  • Sierra Blanca Mtn. 7000 ft. near Sierra Blanca Hudspeth County west Texas

  • Whorl patterns on a mountainside.  Franklin Mtns. north of El Paso.

  • The squarish hump of Casa Grande at 2:30 pm.  Big Bend National Park.

  • Great smoke cloud from carbon plant stretches across sky 9 miles west of Odessa Texas

  • Looking down (west) through the window from foot of Lost Mine Trail - Big Bend National Park

  • Dead (to the world) Mexican on a south El Paso, Tex. street.