George List was an ethnomusicologist who made significant contributions to the field of ethnomusicology through his research and work on ethnographic sound archiving, ethnomusicological theory, folk music in Indiana, the music and folklore of Colombia, music in Ecuador, and the music of Hopi people. Trained as a classical musician, conductor, and educator, he started attending the Indiana University School of Music in 1950 for graduate work in composition and conducting. In 1954, he became a faculty member in the Folklore Institute and he took over the management of the Archives of Folk and Primitive Music (now the Archives of Traditional Music) from George Herzog. George List served as Director of the Archives of Traditional Music until his retirement in 1976. The photographs in this collection are associated with four different field collections of audio recordings he made as part of his research into music in Colombia between 1964 and 1970 (65-291-F, 68-063-F, 69-145-F, and 71-407-F). His photographs include images of musicians and their instruments, as well as dancers and storytellers.

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