Scripps-Howard Newspapers 12th Annual Retail Meeting Public Deposited

  • Scripps-Howard Newspapers 12th Annual Retail Meeting
  • FIRST ROW, Left to Right: H.H. MacLean, New York Office. Earl D. Baker, The San Francisco News. John G. Meilink, Cleveland. Mark Ferree, The New York Office. W.G. Chandler, New York Office. Maurice Levy, New York Office. Vernon Brooks, New York Office. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Jim Beck, Chicago Office. W.C. Bussing, Evansville Printing Corp.. George H. Reidhard, Philadelphia Office. Harry Gough, Chicago Office. Geough J. Palmer, Columbus Citizen. Stanley Collins, Cincinnati Post. Plez Pettit, Memphis Publishing Co.. Dorrance D. Roderick, (El Paso) Newspaper Printing Corporation. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: Drew Stephens, New York Office. Mayo C. Seamon, (El Paso) Newspaper Printing Corp.. Earl J. Gaines, The Pittsburgh Press. William McKenna, Chicago Office. W.C. Savage, The Cincinnati Post. Ray L. Powers, The Houston Press. H.W. Hailey, The (Denver) Rocky Mountain News. F.W. Giesel, The Cincinnati Post. Ralph D. Henderson, The Columbus Citizen. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: Harris Roberts, The Cleveland Press. Charles H. Schneider, New York Office. Franklin E. Katterjohn, Jr., Evansville Printing Corp.. Jerry Burton, New York Office. Wylie Stewart, Fort Worth Office. Frank G. Morrison, The Pittsburgh Press. James A. Foltz, Jr., The Cleveland Press. Enock Brown, Memphis Publishing Company. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: Matt Meyer, The Washington Daily News. Lew S. Fidler, New York Office. B.W. Lewis, The (Denver) Rocky Mountain News: Grant Stone, The Cleveland Press. Walter D. Barkdull, The San Francisco News. Dwight Perry, Chicago Office. Allen L. Stanley, San Francisco Office. Louis D. Young, The Indianapolis Times. SIXTH ROW, Left to Right: Hal Riesz, New York Office. Al Leventhal, New York Office. Frank Moore, The Houston Press. Greg Dembski, Chicago Office. Arnold L. Royer, The Birmingham Post. George Horton, Philadelphia Office. W.A. Daniels, Chicago Office. Stewart W. Kehler, Cincinnati Office. Benton Ferguson, The Fort Worth Press. Melvin G. Patton, The Pittsburgh Press.
  • Chicago
  • United States
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  • 1950-01-19
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  • 1950.01.19_20th Ann. Retail Conferenc_SHN.a
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  • Scripps-Howard Newspapers 12th Annual Retail Meeting
  • Illinois
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